A healthy balanced lifestyle was, and still is, my number one priority once I moved into my own apartment in Amsterdam. The love for food, photography, and going to the gym was always there but the real pleasure I have found in discovering and understanding how my body reacts to different kind of foods which is a journey by itself every single day. The result is there nonetheless; I feel better than ever!

I’ve always been in a battle from an early age with my always-ever-hungry-feeling and easy gaining and losing weight. After moving to my own apartment in Amsterdam and having a demanding full-time job I acknowledged it’s important for me to keep food, sports, fun and rest in balance. Learn more ABOUT. me.

After posting multiple pictures on Instagram of my food creations that are inspired by Donna Hay, Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) Gina Homolka (Skinnytaste), Jamie Oliver and many more cooks (and their books) I got a lot of requests from family and friends to share my RECIPES.

I like to turn my favourite guilty pleasures into something healthy, delicious and affordable.

Now here we are, enjoy!


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  1. Ciara says:

    De blog waar ik alles in terug kan vinden, heel fijn!


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