One of these days that I had leftovers from the night or a few days before and first wanting to empty my fridge before I do groceries again. I just brought all of these ingredients to work, used my creativity and started making my sandwich that ended up being a really tasty one!

I really like roasted veggies and because I had some zucchini left I drizzled it with good quality extra virgin olive oil, seasoned it with pepper and salt (you can add parmesan and herbs such as thyme) and put it in the oven 200C degrees for 20-30 min depending on the kind of oven (I use a convection fan oven) until it browns a little. I did this the evening before, when I was watching television, and let it cool before I put it in the fridge.

Other leftovers were some smoked chicken I had left from a salad for lunch the day before, prosciutto from a pasta another night and walnuts I always have in house for breakfast anyway. Also I always get Liefde & Passie rogge (rye) bread at the Albert Heijn and put it in the freezer. It never comes out soggy as regular bread does!

2 slices of (rye) bread
2 tbsp (heaped) hüttenkäse
leftover roasted veggies (I used zucchini)
1/2 (smoked) chicken breast
1 thin slice of prosciutto
4 walnuts

Toast the slices of bread and top with hüttenkäse which I always season with some salt and pepper. Then start layering the rest of the ingredients; roasted veggies, (smoked) chicken breast, prosciutto torn in smaller pieces and some walnuts.

Enjoy! xoSam

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