Dutchies are known for taking their sandwiches to the office and let me be one of those Dutchies that can’t stand an ordinary sandwich with cheese, chocolate sprinkles, all kinds of processed slices of meat, or whatever you can think of. I’m not a bread lover, but now I discovered the rye Liefde & Passie brood from the Albert Heijn I started to experiment and created various sandwiches that I do enjoy.

One of my all-time favourite sandwiches is peanut butter topped with a banana, but I’m trying to only eat that as a pre-workout snack or when I’m hungry but need something quick and easy because I’m on the go.

I often take left-overs from lunch or dinner to the office the next day. Even better if I have some roasted beef left because that goes really well with scrambled eggs in the morning, or a boiled egg for a sandwich with lunch. Roast beef (can also be store-bought) on a sandwich, in a wrap or salad, is a lean and protein rich option and besides that also incredibly tasteful!

2 slices of rye bread
2-4 slices of roast beef (amount depending on thickness)
handful of arugula salad (or mix)
1 boiled egg
optional: mayonnaise
optional: blue cheese (gorgonzola or roquefort)
optional: parmesan cheese

Boil an egg if you didn’t do so yet for +/- 6 min (soft, but not runny). I always boil a few eggs at the same time and leave them in the fridge for the next days to eat. Also great as 10am or 3pm snack!

Toast the slices of bread and spread a thin layer of mayonnaise before starting to layer your toppings: salad, roast beef, boiled egg, and if you’d like some blue cheese and parmesan. I leave out the mayonnaise if I chose to add blue cheese to my sandwich.

Simple and quick! Wrap in foil and keep in a fridge at the office if you decide to prepare your sandwich at home and take it for lunch to work.

Enjoy! xoSam

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