Breakfasts need to be simple, fruity, filling and healthy. Also, they need to keep my blood sugar level stable until my second big meal; lunch. Smoothie bowls are like eating ice cream for breakfast! A guilty pleasure made healthy to start the day with.

Lately I’ve been making lots of nice creams because it’s so simple to make; frozen bananas blended to a smooth thick cream that looks like ice cream. I can’t get enough of it! Even my Mango Lassi starts with a nice cream base. I always add a little Greek yogurt for some extra protein and the texture gets a little smoother.

I get the question how to freeze bananas quite often lately and all you have to do is make sure your bananas are ripe and have multiple brown spots on them before you freeze them. When they are still green you won’t have a real full banana flavour. Take the skin off and chop them in halves or quarters, put them in a ziplock bag and leave in the freezer until you’re going to use them. If I’m out of bananas I always have some frozen bananas left in the freezer that I chop in small slices to top my breakfast bowl with or another nice cream. Cold and refreshing!

For the strawberry banana smoothie bowl I used frozen strawberries and bananas, and topped it off with fresh fruits, nuts and some cereals high in fibre. All in line with BUILD-YOUR-BREAKFAST-BOWL. I have to admit I added a bit more of cereal after I took the pictures but you wouldn’t see the deliciousness of the nice cream if I already did so.

1 frozen banana
10 frozen strawberries
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
optional: honey
optional: cinnamon

FRUIT TOPPINGS   raspberries and blueberries, or any you like
CEREAL TOPPINGS  crushed puffins, or any you like (high fiber)
EXTRA TOPPINGS  flaxseeds and sprinkle of cinnamon, or any you like

Blend all of the ingredients until smooth, but still remains its thickness. Top with anything you like or use the toppings that I used. Keep it simple!

Note: Add in some more ice to make it thicker or thin out with some more milk or water. You can also try to add in another banana which makes it creamier and thicker too.


x Sam

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