American pancakes are my all-time favourite breakfast when I’m on holiday in the U.S. or for in the weekends at home. After eating these high-carb pancakes I often have a bloated feeling and after an hour my blood sugar level is spiking and makes me feel terribly sluggish.


My love for oats didn’t start until I moved to my own apartment (I couldn’t stand the texture nor the smell!) and could experiment with this healthy cereal grain. It has become the base of my favourite comfy pleasures in the morning because it’s healthy and filling. Also, it makes it easier to stabilise your blood sugar…


Ever had a warm banana dessert? Then I’m sure you’d like a banana boat for breakfast too. They are also delicious when using marshmallows and throwing them on the BBQ for dessert.


  My breakfast creations are always between 300-500 calories. Since I started to eat bigger portions and more carbs with a low glycemic (low-GI) index in the morning I have a more satisfied feeling during the whole day. Low-GI foods, by virtue of their slow digestion and absorption, produce gradual rises in blood sugar and insulin levels,…