Pizzas are my favourite food and there is no better way to start your day right and eat a fruity pizza for breakfast. Health-ier and simple. Don’t they look colorful and gorgeous?!


Last thing on my mind when I go to sleep, and first thing on my mind when I wake up: CHOCOLATE! I always keep telling myself that the dark chocolate that I prefer over the milk and white variant is “healthier”. It’s not entirely true of course, but these chocolate pancakes are definitely guilty pleasures…


While interning at DDB in Sydney I was inspired by simple healthy food made by the chefs in the office kitchen. Next to a breakfast omelette wrap that I often enjoyed I also got different variation of wraps at a local restaurant across the street.


CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: I love starting my day with healthy breakfasts “desserts” with lots of fruits and chocolate. This year, for Christmas morning I made something savoury as I’ve been eating enough chocolates, cakes and other sweets the last couple of days.


Dutchies are known for taking their sandwiches to the office and let me be one of those Dutchies that can’t stand an ordinary sandwich with cheese, chocolate sprinkles, all kinds of processed slices of meat, or whatever you can think of. I’m not a bread lover, but now I discovered the rye Liefde & Passie…


There is absolutely nothing better than having a healthy bowl of oats together with the deliciousness of chocolate for breakfast. For all you fellow chocolate-lovers out there I’m sure you’d also like to start your day with this simple comfy chocolatey oats bowl.


The big trend is all about Açaí breakfast bowls while there are plenty of other fruity bowls you can make. The base for a thick fruity bowl is ice (or frozen fruits) and Greek yoghurt. So why not a Mango Lassi Bowl?


One of these days that I had leftovers from the night or a few days before and first wanting to empty my fridge before I do groceries again. I just brought all of these ingredients to work, used my creativity and started making my sandwich that ended up being a really tasty one!


Whenever you crave something light this is the ideal lunch. Hüttenkäse (cottage cheese) isn’t the typical cheese as it’s low in fat and actually it has a boring flavour which has an advantage because that means you can use it in many different ways. I didn’t like it at first, but after experimenting a bit…


American pancakes are my all-time favourite breakfast when I’m on holiday in the U.S. or for in the weekends at home. After eating these high-carb pancakes I often have a bloated feeling and after an hour my blood sugar level is spiking and makes me feel terribly sluggish.