Asia has a special place in my heart. I lived in Thailand for half a year for an exchange program, and explored Malaysia, Singapore and China (Beijing). This year I chose to explore my roots, well.. sort of. I’m half Indonesian, having grandparents coming from Surabaya in Indonesia. Although both passed away, my love for food is something I got from my grandmother who I still miss dearly.

The plan was to do a solo trip and after reading many travel blogs about solo women travellers in Bali I thought this would be the first safe destination to explore all by myself. Especially because I wanted to go back to my roots and see the beauty of Indonesia where my grandparents are from.

A big dream to come true when I started planning and booking my trip! However, I’ve to admit that Bali is nothing unlike the Indonesia I thought it was. Bali is beautiful and has many places to explore the real local Bali, but is also fairly influenced by the many Australians (and expats) that visit and live there. Luckily that doesn’t take away that Bali is definitely worth a visit! I’ll definitely be back, and will also be exploring more of Indonesia then.

I have to be honest with you, I needed another holiday after this holiday. The fun part about this “solo” trip is that having so many international friends means that you’ll never be alone. I had the great pleasure to meet my friend Nadine who flew over from Singapore to spend the first week with me in Ubud and Seminyak. After she left my German friend Almi flew over from Australia and together we explored Gili Trawangan, Lombok and Canggu. Yes, I ended up traveling solo for only 2 days in Nusa Dua. Honestly, I actually just stayed at a resort and did nothing but treat myself well in a Junior suite and spa morning with a full body massage and facial. You got to treat yourself right, if only for a day. The second day I booked a last minute snorkel trip to Nusa Lembongan/Penida to find the magical Manta Rays there, a dream coming true.

So, what was the plan in these cramped 2.5 weeks? Click below destinations to find out what I’ve been up to!