Last 2 days I spent with Almi in Canggu to celebrate her birthday. We got a nice villa via AirBnB and explored Canggu using a motorbike and walking. There are many foodie places to explore and I personally like Canggu somewhat more than Seminyak as it’s not as crowded and touristy.

In February the beaches near Seminyak are covered with trash. I believe this has something to do with the onshore winds in wet season, but the more north you go the cleaner the beaches are. Canggu has nice beaches, but way too hot for me. While walking I was already melting!

Almi and I found a nice beach lounge club called THE LAWN which has next to being close to the beach a beautiful lawn which gives you the feeling like you’re sitting in a small park for a picnic. On the menu they have some interesting snacks such as Truffled Four Cheese Mac & Cheese balls, Popcorn Chicken Winglets, Shell Crab Bao Buns etc. Although it was too hot to have some food that day, I’d love to visit again.

In my Seminyak post I introduced you to FINNS BEACH CLUB at which Nadine and I got ourselves a lounge bed for the day. You pay an entrance “fee” for the full day to make use of the facilities; lounge beds, music (live DJ in the evening/weekends), towels and table service, and from 80% of that fee you can buy drinks and food. I can’t recall the exact amount, but it’s absolutely worth the money and not expensive at all. From fresh coconuts, to smoothie bowls, pizzas, local food, burgers and cocktails, you can have it all.

For Almi’s birthday we arrived in the evening and we got ourselves a “lounge-table” for 4 although it was only the 2 of us. They served us cocktails, we had dinner there and some ice cream after. It wasn’t a busy evening unfortunately because it was not high season and a regular working day. Nonetheless I’d come back here for sure to just relax a day and to be properly taken care of.

One of the restaurants you can also find in Seminyak is CAFE ORGANIC, which has these amazing smoothie bowls and so I had to take Almi there too. Also I really enjoyed CRATE CAFE, which has very modern healthy menu which I really enjoyed on the upstairs terrace. I got the peas please which is spinach with avocado and a poached egg. Obviously I couldn’t leave without having another dragonfruit smoothie.

A local warung I could really recommend is WARUNG BU MI although I had some extra protein in my fried egg: ants. So carefully watch what you’re eating, but the food was really good! I had bami goreng, some tempeh, veggies, satey and it all was very delcious.

And this also brings me to the end of my great adventures in Bali and Lombok. There is so much to explore on these 2 islands that I recommend anyone to take the time to see and taste everything. I’d love to come back, if only for the many modern food options, and also to explore other places of Indonesia such as Yogyakarta and Flores. Sampai segera Indonesia!


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