While interning at DDB in Sydney I was inspired by simple healthy food made by the chefs in the office kitchen. Next to a breakfast omelette wrap that I often enjoyed I also got different variation of wraps at a local restaurant across the street.

I’ve been making various different wraps for a while now that I take for lunch. Also, I often make a few extra for the next few days at the office. Depending on the ingredients, but you can also put them in a freezer bag and freeze a few so you can warm them up and enjoy later. They will get a little soggy if you have ingredients that become watery after thawing.

2 eggs
1 whole wheat wrap
2 hands full of spinach
4-5 mushrooms
1 or 2 thin slice of prosciutto
1 tbsp of shaved parmesan cheese
tbsp of coconut oil (butter or any other oil for cooking)
pinch of salt and pepper

Pre-heat a medium sized sauté pan over medium heat and put slices of prosciutto in the pan. While the pan is warming up start with chopping the mushrooms in slices and mix the eggs in a separate bowl with some salt and pepper (for some creaminess you can add a splash of milk, but no cream if you want to keep it “healthy”). If you like parmesan cheese with your scrambled eggs then it’s now the time to add it in.

Put the bowl aside and turn the prosciutto slices when it starts browning and gets wrinkly. You can add some oil if you don’t use a non-sticking pan, but with the right pan you need less baking-fat because the fat comes from the prosciutto itself.

Take the prosciutto out when it has brown edges and let it rest on some paper kitchen towel so fat can be absorbed and it has time to turn crispy. Meanwhile you can go ahead with sautéing the spinach and mushrooms in the same pan and put them aside once the spinach has shrunk and the mushrooms are browned a little. You may want to start with the mushrooms and add the spinach later as the latter needs less time to cook. To make sure your wraps don’t get soggy you can use a sieve for the spinach and press the water out with a spoon.

Clean the pan with some kitchen towel, but be careful because it will be hot! Add some coconut oil, let it melt, and add in the mixed eggs. To fluff them to a nice scramble I always wait for the egg to set a little and then scrape with a wooden kitchen utensil through the eggs in the pan. Then turn the pan a little so it’s fully covered with egg again. Let the egg do its thing, wait a bit again to let the egg set and repeat until the egg turns into a scramble but stop cooking when the eggs are still a little wet. The heat in the egg (and pan if you leave the scramble it in the pan) will continue cooking it and if you cook them until fully set you’ll have a dry scramble later on.

Now your ingredients for the wrap are ready to be used it’s time to wrap it up! Filling the wrap with all that deliciousness you just prepared. Put a wrap on a plate and warm up in the microwave or oven according to the instructions of the package. Top your wrap with the fillings, roll up and enjoy.

I like to toast them after wrapping up to brown them a little, which will make the wraps some crispier. Then I let the wraps cool down a little if I’d like to keep them in the freezer.

Note: if frozen, you can warm them up in the microwave to thaw. I often take one from the freezer to work and let it thaw naturally until I’m ready to further thaw and toast (or microwave) them for lunch at the office.

Enjoy! xoSam


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