After Ubud it was time to go to Seminyak to explore all the amazing foodie places that I was looking forward to for so long! I’ve literally been searching for the best places on (travel/foodie) blogs and Instagram and I could spend weeks just eating in Seminyak (and Canggu).

This is how it all started.. starring every place I wanted to go to on Google Maps and the worst thing about it is that I didn’t get the chance to try them all.

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I felt that both Seminyak and Canggu are really influenced by the many Australian tourists and expats. This also meant that the real local feeling was somewhat gone. Nevertheless I’d still like to go back to explore more foodie places!

Now to all the places that warmth up my heart! When Nadine and I arrived in the afternoon we first went for a lunch at STRAWBERRY FIELDS and they turn famous burgers like the ones from McDonalds and In-N-Out into their own copycat burgers. I had the “Out-N-In” burger with a pineapple shake – heaven!

MADE’S WARUNG had an extensive menu with all different types of Indonesian and Western food. Nadine and I  both chose for the Nasi Campur Bebek betutu which is basically white rice accompanied by some small portions of different dishes. In this case because we chose Bebek betutu we got duck betutu on the side.

I really liked this warung because next to our good dinner, they had a salsa evening going on where Nadine danced the night away and they have an ice cream parlour! So I was able to treat myself on Coconut Pandan ice cream which is an absolute must-try. I’m sure that the Instagram video below proofs how good it was!

CAFE ORGANIC is my all time favourite for breakfast and I’m absolutely in love with all the smoothie bowls they serve which you can pimp entirely the way you want. The Açai bowl is delicious, but any smoothie bowl is to die for. I had a dragonfruit smoothie bowl at their other restaurant in Canggu, and Bali really kick-started my love for pink dragonfruit!

From all restaurants I’ve been I can say that the most gorgeous one was NOOK next to rice fields. Their beautiful interior felt like I was having lunch at this really large cozy patio. Even though I’m not sharing any food pictures I can tell you that the Indonesian food was good and the menu also consisted of different smoothie bowls and other food that looked simply amazing when served at other tables around us.

Another healthy food cafe that I really liked is WATERCRESS which you can find in Seminyak, but also in Ubud. The food is fresh and whole foods are always a good choice. Nadine chose the chicken burger and my honey roasted pumpkin salad with feta and seeds was crisp, fresh but still having this nice sweet touch to it. Filling, but refreshing! I also enjoyed a fresh fruit juice on the side, but although the color doesn’t look appetising I never had one single bad fruit juice in Bali!

Revolver Coffee that is known for its great coffee is in front of the restaurant. Although I didn’t try any coffee during lunch, I’d love to go back and try an iced cappuccino a next time! They also have another coffee place in Canggu.


While staying in Seminyak I also experienced mythumb_IMG_0868_1024 first little earthquake. Nadine and I were hanging around in our room at the AirBnB where we’re staying and suddenly this deep vibration in the ground started to evolve until the entire building started to tremble! At first we thought there was someone on the roof, or some construction work was going on. But after texting friends somewhere else in Seminyak they confirmed they felt the same. It was one of those moments that you realise you never did any homework on what to do when a real earthquake would happen. Nor realise it would ever happen to you while being on holiday. Now I know you should not run unto the balcony  and wonder what’s going on lol.

Can you imagine it all happened 125 km away from us and we could still feel it? Now before I scare you off, it seems that these tremors are quite common and most of them you don’t even notice.

So next to the incredible (local) food and healthy food cafes that Seminyak has to offer it also has many awesome beach clubs that you have to go to during the day for getting a cozy lounge bed to sun tan including amazing food and drinks that are all-in-one-package.

Nadine and I enjoyed some great sushi and (virgin) cocktails at KU DE TA for dinner one night. Even though we hoped to be able to enjoy dinner on these cosy lounge seats outside it suddenly started raining. Luckily in the rain season it mostly rains a couple of hours and then it stops. Except for when you are as lucky as me and will have to walk in the rain until you arrive at your destination entirely soaked.

In my Canggu post I’ll tell you more about FINNS beach club and the other good foodie places that I visited together with Nadine and Almi. Although not mentioned in this blog post there are many activities that you can plan from Seminyak and Canggu to somewhere else. Think of cooking classes, private drivers that drive you to any place for a sightseeing day, snorkel trips leaving from and returning at the doorstep of the accommodation that you’re staying and well just explore the possibilities when you’re there! Often it’s easier to arrange these things when you’re actually there.

Next to going to beach clubs, shopping, suntanning at the pool and wandering around Nadine and I also decided to get our nails done at THINK PINK NAILS which I can highly recommend! They have this incredible extensive choice of nail polish colours, literally hunderds, and the nail artists are very friendly and do a good job. Did I mention champagne?

Want to find out what else I did in Bali? For the rest of my Bali and Lombok stories click here.


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  1. maxymilano says:

    Warung made is famous, try Nuri’s if u like pork…


    1. I definitely will next time I’m back in Bali. Thanks for the tip!


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